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C-Kollu Skopi Cihazı - GENORAY ZEN-2090

1K x 1K high resolution CCD camera
1K x 1K high resolution CCD camera.
The ZEN series will bring you sharp and keen medical images with the ability to store still and motion images in HIPAA approved format.

Image Rotating Function
Image Rotating Function
Instant reverse in vertical and horizontal status, which make it easy to check and examine the clinical image.
Masterpiece of Digital C-Arm
Feel pride and elegance by ZEN C-arm series Absolute competitiveness in quality, cost and low-maintenance.
- Image matrix 1K x 1K high resolution CCD camera
- Spatial Image Processing Module (IPM)
- Diagnosis radiation monitor only for medical use (19" B/W Dual Monitor)
Product Features
- High power output HFG (no high voltage cable)
- High grade X-Ray tube focal spot size
- Provide sharp & high resolution image
- Dose reduction through pulsed fluoroscopy
- Superior image quality with high definition image intensifier
- High resolution CCD camera for distortion - free image
- Intelligent ABC(Automatic Brightness Control) system
- Broghtness of image is changed automatically.
- Boost function