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Our company State Special and University Hospital within served as manager with 21 years of experience in the health sector Engin İLTER by the year 2016 Han Medical has become operational. Bünyesinde 3 Mühendis arkadaş ile hizmet vermektedir.
Our aim;
Honest, hard-working, his promise is behind demanding the right to up from our community being a company.
We do every day with medical and technological innovation Each year many more in Without sacrificing quality medical people, more technological, The improved infrastructure conditions "Scientific and Secure" to serve.

HAN MEDICAL Our Company ;

Since our Company Presented and developed with success Thanks to services at local, regional and significant achievements at the national level prints the name and it has contributed greatly to the national economy. This success and development behind our qualified human resources, Our business relationship based on our knowledge and confidence is situated. we are in cooperation with all institutions and institutions that it has established mutual trust, Our working philosophy the most important value is created. Our strong relationship based on trust In the next process with all stakeholders The most important will be our continuing effort.
The quality of their work continuously to make continuous improvement and success targeting our company, in corporate structure ISO 9001:2000 It has implemented the Quality Management System.
your vast experience in the industry by moving we heard with respect to people and the environment yesterday, today and tomorrow To meet the future, construction industry our groundbreaking project you are preparing for a more spacious environment.
Within the framework of this understanding We are passionate in our work, ins to our modern lifestyles, our city and our country as well The present model living area we are carrying out in the effort.

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